Argus Service

  • We are the only Argus Service Center in the Western Hemisphere.
  • We offer a full service for $140.00 plus return shipping This includes a functional check required by the manufacturer and new batteries
  • We are also able to change cutters and replace displays and printed circuit boards (PCBs), when necessary..

Return options

Please either include the following form

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or, better yet, add the service to your secure shopping cart, and check out to provide your payment and shipping information. Remember to list the serial number(s) with your online order. Then, no form is required with your returned AAD.

Online RMA

Service Requirements

  • To consider an Argus airworthy, a 4 Year Check-Up must be successfully completed within the last 4 years and 3 calendar months
  • The batteries are to be replaced at each scheduled repack of the reserve parachute, after each activation, every 500 jumps, or when the Argus displays «Bat Low», which ever comes first.
    • After each battery change, set the date and time.
  • If water comes into contact with the filter, it must be removed and a new filter installed.
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Argus 4 Year Check

In order for an Argus to be considered airworthy, it must have a 4 Year Check within the previous 4 years + 3 months. Unlike other brands, the date of manufacture is not considered in calculating the time for the check.

The unit will be visually inspected, and run through a number of “must fire” and “must not fire” tests. It will be given a fresh set of batteries, and marked with a sticker indicating a year and a check number.

Repairs are not considered part of the check

Argus Batteries
This includes a set of two CR123A Lithium batteries, meeting all requirements for the Argus AAD.
Argus Cutter (1 pin)
Replacement cutters where originally provided at no cost, after use. This allowed Aviacom to collect data about saves. Those days are over, and they now charge for a replacement cutter. There is a limited remaining supply, since the Argus AAD has been out of production since 2011.
Argus Display
Argus Display, with cable & connector. This is often called the “Display Unit”.
Argus PCB
Argus Printed Circuit Board. This is the brains inside the “control unit”. If the unit is getting sensor errors, this requires replacement. If the battery is draining, this is the most likely part requiring replacement. This includes installation in your existing control unit. This often requires a full 4 year check, which can be pro-rated, depending on the remaining service life of the existing PCB.
Install Argus Batteries
Labor to change or install Argus Batteries, including resetting the date and time.
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